Beverages 2016

Wine List / Beverages

We offer a selection of wines, beers, spirits and non-alcohol beverages to suit your personal tastes. We also offer a selection of wines from our cellar for those with more discerning taste buds.



The cost of liquor is based on the total consumption used during the function.
Pre-dinner and after dinner drinks are usually charged on account (dry till).
Bottled wines are chosen from the wine list prior to the date and served during dinner and speeches.
(unless you wish to serve the selected bottles of wine throughout the function)

Duder’s has a minimum beverage spend of $15pp for private functions

Even though we are licensed we do allow 750ml table wines to be brought in for functions.
however, a $20.00 service charge will be incurred per bottle.
(this service charge is already included in our bottle price on the wine list)